20 years experience

Our company established in1998 and since then it is a leader beekeeping company in  Georgia

Best quality

Our company does not use any type of toxicants, that effect and have a bad influence on people’s health

Higher standards

Our company uses some types of equipments, that are based on modern technology


Our company produces high quality Caucasus bee queens (Apis Melifera Caucasica) in its historical country-Georgia, which is surrounded by North and South Caucasus mountains and from west by Black sea. The situation of land makes pure Caucasus Bee queens. Every year our company sorts out bee hives by selection method, selection happens in every part of Georgian beekeeping farms and cultivation of bee queens happens only from the bee hives that are characterized by its highest productivity.


We produce honey and sell in local markets that are presented by our logo-‘SKA’ Varieties of honey: 1) Acacia with honeycomb- 570 gr 2) Acacia with honeycomb-360 gr 3) Acacia- 360 gr 4) Chestnut-360 gr 5) Linden-360 gr 6) Alpine-360 gr 7) May’s honey-360 gr


We produce an artificial wool only from a natural candle; The pitch aggregates have the ability to automate thermal regimens, which allows the production of high quality fibers. Candle is weaning at 120-130 degrees Celsius and can not challenge the pinch of the pigment.

04Royal gelly

We are producing the seed bee milk which is a way of human health. In case of interest, we can carry the production of milk bee milk in the presence of the customer for more credibility.

05Beepollen and beebread

Flower dust is due to its unique properties, promotes pressure reduction, erythrocyte sedimentation, hemoglobin increase. It is well absorbed by severely transmitted organisms, strengthens appetite, normalizing body weight and improving blood composition. It is widely used in cosmetology. Prevents the formation of thrombosis.


For a long time they argued about how to get there. Some claim that the bees collected from plants, while others say that the bees emit like wax. Then it turned out that the paint is a resin compound that the bees collect from plants. The bees are used to make cosmetic and prophylactic works of their home.